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Solution of "Unsupported format or file is damaged" when audio processing

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Hello, my hero, this tutorial will show you how to solve “Unsupported format or file is damaged” issue which occur in audio processing.

Error description

Some users get the error message “Unsupported format or file is damaged” when using Audio Extract Kit, as shown in below

The reason of this error

The reason for this error is that the file format you want to process cannot be recognized by the app. The reasons for unrecognizability may be as follows:

  1. The audio file format you provided has been damaged, so our APP can not recognize it and cannot process it.

  2. The audio file you provide is copyright-encrypted audio files, such as copyrighted VIP membership songs on major music app. (Mostly due to this reason)

How can I determine if my audio file is a copyright-encrypted audio file?
To determine whether an audio file is copyright-encrypted file, you can judge by the file name of the audio file. If kgm, mflac0, mgg2, ncm, qmc0, ogg0 appear in the audio file name, means that this audio file is a copyright-encrypted audio file. Unfortunately, all feature in the Audio Extract Kit currently can not process audio files that have been encrypted by copyright! But you can use the following method to solve this problem.

Is there a way to solve the copyright encryption problem?

Creators generally spend a lot of time and energy creating music works. We very much hope that everyone can support and purchase genuine music if we can!

If you only obtain music for learning rather than commercial purposes, you can use the “Audio capture” feature in the APP to capture the entire music into MP3 file, and then use the “Crop audio” feature to cut off the noise at the beginning and end!

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