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Audio Extract Kit is not just a completely free batch audio extractor, it is also a powerful audio processing APP that can perform some commonly used audio processing tasks, export lossless MP3, and give you good sound.

The app includes functions such as online extraction,audio extraction,transcode,format coversion,croping,concatenate,split,mixing,voice msg export,fade,volume adjustment,beeping,change tempo,noise reduction,vocal remove,change pitch,extract channels,merge channels,surround sound,audio tag and album cover,audio reverb, Lyrics editing,make ringtone.

Supported formats: mp3、wav、ogg、m4a、aac、m4r、wma、flac、ac3、mmf、amr、wv、slk、silk、mp2

Supported channel type:mono, stereo, quad surround, 5.1 stereo, 7.1 stereo

Online extraction: Extract audio and video from web pages online

Audio extraction: Extract lossless mp3 or other format audio from the video ,supports batch mode. supports multi-audio track extraction.

Format conversion:Convert audio files to different music formats

Audio croping: Selected section from audio to generate a new audio or remove selected section, it can make ringtone for your phone.

Audio concatenate: Concat multiple audio into one mp3 or other format audio.

Audio split: Splite audio by duration or number of files.

Audio mixing: Mix multiple audios into one audio.

Voice export: Concat and export the voice message files of common social app.

Fade: Fade the beginning and end of audio.

Volume adjustment: Increase and reduce the volume of audio files in mp3 or other formats.

Audio beeping: Repace the section of audio with ‘beeping’.

Tempo adjustment: Adjust the audio playback speed.

Noise reduction: reduce the noise in the audio.

Vocal remove: remove the vocal from the music, only keep the accompaniment.

Pitch adjustment: Change the pitch of the audio

Channel extraction: Separate multiple channels in audio.

Channel merger: Merge multiple channels into one mp3 audio

Surround sound: make audio into 3D surround sound

Tags and cover: add album and cover information to audio

audio reverb: Reverberation of audio

Lyrics editing: making Lrc lyrics

More features are waiting for you to discover.